Mamy Kaya

Mamy Kaya - Tiger Nut/Tiger Nut Oil 50ml


100% organic Tiger Nut Oil


It contains essential fatty acids, including omega 9, and vitamin E, good for hydration the skin.
Tiger nut oil is also rich in phytosterols, which have a restorative action on skin cells. Finally, it is a source of antioxidants, which protect the body's cells from premature aging due to attacks by free radicals.
Tiger nut oil prevents skin dehydration and keeps skin supple, soft and not wrinkled.
It also prevents hair regrowth after waxing, especially on the legs and eyebrows.
Tiger nut oil repairs and heals damaged skin and helps reduce local inflammation and redness. It relieves skin prone to attacks of psoriasis and eczema.
Finally, its strong moisturizing and repairing power is also very popular for taking care of damaged and frizzy hair.